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MDS Pack – limited edition –

MDS Pack – limited edition –


Specially designed for the preparation and use of the skin in each stage of Marathon des Sables.


  • 1 container of 50 ml – perfect for the preparation.
  • 4 containers of 15 ml – Specially indicated to carry in the backpack since its total weight is 30grs per container. The 4 containers will meet the objectives of use as a lubricant in each stage and as a repairman during rest hours.
  • 1 pumice stone – Highly recommended for the preliminary preparation of the skin of the feet. Gently removing dead skin on the feet is imperative.
  • 1 container of 3 ml – to share with someone special who wants to be part of the legend of Marathon des Sables, “I AM LEGEND”
  • 1 information brochure – where you will find all the detailed information on preparation and application before, during and after.
  • 1 limited edition box JOIN THE DREAM – an exclusive design for those who will be part of “THE LEGEND”.

Prepare the skin at least 1 month before the start of the competition to provide elasticity and strength. During the daily stages apply as a lubricant. At the end of the stage apply small amount to regenerate and repair. Detailed instructions in the explanatory leaflet attached to the product.

During the activity:   it must be applied before the start of this activity, in any part of the body, even in the private parts. Repeat the application during long endurance competitions. After practicing sports, it is advisable to apply it if there is redness in some area caused by friction. SIXPRO® MARATHON DES SABLES is free of petroleum ingredients and chemical products, so it can be applied as many times as necessary.

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